An Inner World Revealed

23 07 2019

It was this drawing of Enchanteur, with her dream seeds, that was a turning point. I decided that while my drawings may not have been technically perfect they had a distinct message.

When I work with participants, encouraging them to draw upon material from their interior world, I never suggest that what comes forth will be able to be chronologically dated. These posts are in no particular, linear order.

Soul Food was never presented in an orderly fashion. It was drawn largely from my rich inner world and I am still amazed that so many people navigated their way through its meandering passages, rummaged as they would in some overstocked second-hand book shop to find treasures.

Today as I work I have vivid recollections of my husband, who was battling cancer, watching TV, flicking from channel to channel while I sat drawing. Unlike many people, I had never drawn but, inspired by some material Anita Marie Moscoso had been writing I decided to draw what rose as a result of reading her work.

My husband, who could produce almost photographic replicas with his drawings refrained from pointing out my technical frailties and I persisted. Rather than write I drew something every night, depicted what was happening as I led people through the portal into the world of Lemuria, a world I had learned about from the writings of my great grandfather who explored vast tracts of South Western Queensland in the 1860s.

The post I have reblogged from While Waiting for Godot contains a selection of images that were used to depict the journey that the Enchantress led through the portal into Lemuria.

While Waiting For Godot

This is a collection of drawings I did while I was travelling, with a host of companions,   in Lemuria. Many of these are self-portraits!  Over a five year period,  while my late husband was battling cancer, and often confined to bed, I spent my nights drawing, Looking at these drawing now I can see that I managed to capture the inner world that sustained me during those long years. After walking away from my life in the city, and reinventing myself, my pencils have lain idle! They served me well! Today I give thanks to them, and to all those who fearlessly travelled those Lemurian roads with my multiple personalities!
Heather Blakey
Pencil Drawings – Enhanced in Photoshop! 2005 – 2010

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